Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Enough is enough. Australian politics must be no worse than any of the world's. But I wouldn’t know about that. All I can say is that, without ever really entering the fray, I’m done with it.

There is clarity on the periphery. The pettiness of trivial discussion is amplified by my passing attention. I am immune to the spectacle. The drama does not ensnare.

I pray for the day when the opposition demotes its obligation to oppose to a position below its obligation to speak reason. I pray for the day when politicians use their rhetoric and charisma to show actual leadership and convince us all that our politics is worth our attention and that someone, somewhere is willing to do and to say what may not, at first, be popular, but what is born of reason.

Mostly, I pray for the day that a politician emerges that doesn’t want to be a politician. Someone disgusted by the lies and the bickering, someone sure enough of themselves to waive the soap opera and await some genuine debate.

Do I think this person would stand a chance? Well, I have to. It’s the only thing I have to hold onto. And it's the only thing that could ever win back my attention.

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